Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want List # 1

During our stay at Marionnaud, I was able to canvass for perfumes. I am planning to replace my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume once i finished it. I was set for Clinique Happy, but when i tried it, i really didn't like the scent. So the salesman offered me other choices. 

His first offer are perfumes from juicy couture. Out of the 3 that he mentioned, I liked the Viva La Juicy. It has a sweet and mild scent.


I was so glad that he introduced me to this product. Carolina Herrera's 212.

I would go for this one. It has a fresh scent! I love refreshing scents! I would definitely buy this. This retails for 5,000++PHP.

I would also love to buy something from Clinique. Their 3 step cleansers for oily skin and their anti blemish solutions line.

Estee Lauder claims that they are the BEST when it comes to skincare. I have yet to find this out. I want to buy something from them. Products for oily skin.

And then i also dropped by the body shop. I canvassed some products that i want to buy. I liked their seaweed exfoliator.

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  1. hello maricar. :) I'm selling perfumes. :) They're authentic and waaay cheaper than mall costs. please check out my site. :)

    have a great weekend! :)