Friday, August 19, 2011

Cupcakes By Sonja

Restaurant: Cupcakes by Sonja
Location: Serendra
Price: For cupcakes. 55.00 to 100.00PHP

I am a huge fan of cupcakes. Especially of cupcakes that are well made and worth your money. That's why i decided to try cupcakes by sonja. It has only one branch and it can be found on Serendra.

Sonja. Pronounced as SON-JA not SON-YA, is now making a name in the cupcake industry. I read about her and seen her in events whom she catered. 

This cupcake is called RED VELVET VIXEN. a red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting. It costs 70.00PHP.

I have read several reviews about this cupcake. And those who have tasted this have only kinds words to say about this cupcake.

The cupcake is moist and it is very tasty. The texture is creamy and the frosting is not overpowering. It's not too sweet, just right. I love cream cheese! But to make the cream cheese sweeter, it needs to be mixed with confectioner's sugar. By far, this is one of the most delicious cupcakes i have ever tasted. I could eat this over and over again.

This one is called VANILLA SUNSHINE. Vanilla cupcake topped with buttercream frosting.

The vanilla cupcake stays true to its name. It tastes like the real thing. It can be eaten alone, even without the frosting. That's how delicious it is. It's so moist, soft and delectable. It's not dry.

And the frosting. The frosting may vary in color, but what a coincidence! It's color purple, my favorite color! Well, the buttercream frosting is too sweet, but a cupcake is a sweet dessert/pastry right? The buttercream frosting really goes well with the cupcake. It compliments the cupcake really well. They taste perfectly together. 

All in all, Sonja's Cupcakes are a HIT! It's a bit too pricey, but considering the location of her store, might as well expect the price to be steep. But hey, your money will be all worth it. I believe that she used the finest ingredients. I have never seen a cupcake this simple, but looks can be deceiving right? It's packed with flavor.  And the frosting, you won't be disappointed with theirs. Truly, a love at first bite.

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