Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Style and Hair Color

I'm currently searching for some hair styles and hair colors that can suit me since i want to reinvent my look. Being a mother doesn't mean that you don't have the right to beautify yourself every now and then. You need to look presentable and you also need to prettify yourself sometimes for your husband. 

So this is my original hair color. It's black. And i want to have it colored. I'm picking from the shades of brown. This is my original hair. Thick, wavy and buhaghag!


These are my choices:

Straight hair with this color. and with those bangs.

Darker version

Curls with this hair color

Lighter brown

So, what do you think? Please vote!

Straight hair or Curly hair
Dark brown or Light Brown

Any other brown shades that you can suggest? I want it to be a decent shade of brown. Not too eye catching and bright. 


  1. I'd recommend Leighton's 1st pic for the color and Beyonce's 1st haircut. Low maintenance for ladies on the go~ =)

  2. hi maricar.just stumbled upon your blog today and i'm glad i did.i love finding beauty blogs that are written by my fellow pinays.yep i'm a pinay too. =D

    i would recommend leighton's first pic for your hair.i think it looks so sexy and effortlessly chic.i think it'll look good on you.

    i have my own beauty blog over at http://slavetovanity.blogspot.com and it would mean so much to me if you can visit it and leave me a comment.i;m open to any feedback you may have on any of my posts.since we're both inays i think we should support each other don't you think so?
    i decided to follow you via GFC hopefully you can do the same.thanks in advance.

  3. I vote for the last one!So gorgeous hair color!