Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Haul # 1

HAUL # 1

As you all know, i'm a HYGIENE FREAK. I cannot go anywhere without having an alcohol, wipes and tissues inside my bag. I am running out of stock, so I decided to buy some. I cannot stick to my word when it comes to shopping,when i say i'll just buy some hygiene necessities, expect me to come home with other items. that's why  i also bought some handkerchiefs because i always lose them!! And of course, i cannot leave the mall without buying something for my princess.

Hauls for myself.

EXTRA wet tissue. 47.50PHP for a pack of 3.

KLEENEX pocket tissue. 42.00PHP for a pack of 6.

Large Isopropyl Alcohol 49.00PHP, Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol 19.75PHP

7 Handkerchiefs from Armando Caruso and Pierre Cardin. 49.50PHP each.

For Cara. Nivea Baby Extra Mild Shampoo 124.75 PHP; Nivea Baby Gentle Nourishing Lotion 124.75PHP; Nivea Baby Lovingly Caring Oil 129.75PHP

Enfant Baby Powder Anti-Rash 79.75PHP; Nivea Baby Soothing Avena Soap 42.75PHP; Nivea Baby Calming Powder 85.00PHP

Baby Bench Cologne 56.00PHP

I always use nivea products on cara. They're very gentle and effective. It makes cara's skin so smooth and flawless! 

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