Wednesday, August 10, 2011

North Park

Restaurant: North Park
Location: Trinoma 

If you're a fan of noodles, i would recommend that you go to North Park. You will not be disappointed.

Their menu also serves as the placemat for the plates and utensils.

Appetizer: Jelly Fish Salad with Century Eggs. THIS ONE I REALLY LOVE! I love the silky texture of the jellyfish and how the black sesame seeds add some crunch. The century eggs are to die for i can eat it everyday. I love the slight bitter after taste that it gets. They really compliment each other, just like bread and butter.

I am really a fan of noodles. And i always order Wanton and Beef Noodles. This is the Nanking Beef and Wanton Noodles. There's a bigger version. I went for regular since i'll be the only one who'll eat it. Just the smell of it makes me want to devour it in a second. I chose hongkong noodles. You can go for rice noodles or wheat noodles. The nanking beef is very tender that it fall out once you take a bite of it. It's very tasty and it is mildly sweet. The wantons are so soft and delicate, and it goes very well with their chili sauce. 

Lapu-Lapu Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce.  The lapu-lapu fish fillet is very delicious! I am a fan of everything sweet and sour. The fish is very tender and it is cooked properly. It has a little bit of crunch. This is definitely a must try from North Park!

Boneless Chicken in Honey Lemon Sauce. I have tried Flavour's of China's Lemon Chicken and i loved it. But North Park's version is a bit too lemony for me. Too sour. Tastes like lemon without honey. And the chicken is a bit undercooked i think.

North Park, definitely a HIT! Although the service is not so good and you have to wait a little for your orders, their dishes are definitely worth your money. Do try their other menu offerings and you will surely not leave without a smile on your face and your tummy.

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