Friday, August 26, 2011

Golds and Silvers

Yesterday, August 25, my mom gave me some of her jewelries. I was also surprised because she also gave me my jewelries when i was still little, i would hand them down to Cara now. 

The blue box contains my jewelries when i was little, that's cara's now. The red box contains my mom's jewelries that she decided to give to me.

This is my bracelet when i was still a child. All of the jewelries that she handed down was AUTHENTIC.

Cara's. A gold necklace.

Jesus Christ's face as the pendant.

Another gold necklace.

With Crucified Christ as the pendant.

This one, I've been asking her to give to me. I really love this bracelet of mom's.  And finally, it's mine!

Gold bracelets with assorted colors of stones.

Another bracelet.

Gold and Silver bracelet with purple stones.

This was my ring way back then. It is Cara's now.

This one too.

A closer look.

A closer look.

Earrings. This one she gave to me because i like simple earrings.

And then.. she gave me this vintage jewelry box.

Green and White

It was my grandmother's jewelries. ( my mom's mother)

I was so honored and privileged to have her jewelries when she was still alive. 

A gold ring with a white pearl.

A closer look.

According to my mom, this was my grandmother's everyday earrings. She wears it everyday.

This goes with the ring with a white pearl.

Her gold Seiko watch.

Mom bought new batteries for the watch. Very vintage. I love it.

A gold necklace with a cross as the pendant.

There is a white stone in the middle of the cross.

And this one is my favorite. This would go well with the bracelet with purple stones that mom gave me.

Gold necklace with a purple stone.

And then a silver bracelet.

With white stones. She let me wore this on my wedding day, and now, she gave it to me.

Matching silver earrings with white stones.

I love real and authentic jewelries than fancy ones. But what i love most are hand me down jewelries. Because it has a sentimental value. and you feel worthy to be the one chosen to have those hand me down jewelries. I think wearing real jewelries are more classic, and it gives more elegance.

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