Monday, August 8, 2011

Cover Girl Bronzer

Product: Cover Girl Bronzer
Where to buy: Cover Girl Outlets In Department Stores
Price: 3++.00PHP. i forgot, sorry.

I am not really a fan of bronzers, but i gave it a try because i always go for nude looks. I was supposed to buy l'oreal's bronzer but the bronzer that i like was out of stock, so i looked for an alternative.

It is a compact bronzer. Comes with a brush and mirror.

I just realized that covergirl only offers one shade for their bronzers. This one is 305. That's what i hate. When  a certain product doesn't offer other shades. Not all filipinos have the same skin tone. I find this a bit too light, this picture is taken without flash. It looks like i didn't put any bronzer at all. I think this will look visible on girls with a lighter skin tone.

With flash. I have to reapply the product 4 to six times so it can be visible. As you can see, it has tiny shimmers and it looks very shiny. I really want a golden tan look and i believe that this bronzer is not for me, this for someone who has a fairer skin tone. If you want to use a bronzer, dip the brush into the product and remove or blow off any excess. Sweep the product on your cheeks and temples. Using  a lighter touch,  sweep product down the center of your nose, on your chin, and forehead.

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