Friday, August 19, 2011

Mint Cremes

Product: Belmont's Chocolate Mint Cremes
Where to buy: Australia

This is another biscuit from Australia and yet again, i think that this is not available in our country.

According to the package, it contains real dark chocolate and peppermint oil.

12 pieces of biscuits.

This biscuit is covered with dark chocolate.

I am not really a fan of mints. But i gave this a try.

Chocolate biscuits with mint and covered with dark chocolate.

A closer look. Although i am not a fan of mints, this made me change my mind! This is a HIT! i love the combination of dark chocolate and peppermint! Peppermint goes well with coffee too. This biscuit cleanses the palette. It's so refreshing! I like the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate, the crunch of the biscuit, and the kick of peppermint. This biscuit, really goes well with hot coffee. I love having this for dessert. It takes away your "umay" feeling.

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