Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lancome Beauty Workshop

Event: Lancome Beauty Workshop
Where: Marionnaud, SM Mall Of Asia

Angel of chose me to go with her to Lancome's beauty workshop because her brother can't accompany her that day. I am so lucky that she picked me for this was my 1st beauty/make-up event that i attended.  We met at starbucks and had coffee. We talked and get to know each other for a while. She gave me some goodies and I also gave her something to express my appreciation. I can say that we really clicked. She was so funny, kind and friendly.

After having coffee, we decided to go to the event.

It took place at the left side corner of Marionnaud.

Lancome Beauty Workshop

The set-up.

Registration progress.

You write your name on a paper and then they give you something that says" Workshop Participant"

The make-up artist.

While waiting, the approachable waiters gave as  a blueberry bizu muffin and a tall glass of iced tea. Mind you, the iced tea was refillable!

The speaker for the day. The pretty Cary Co-Choa. She has flawless skin!

The woman in the middle is the "model" for the day. She volunteered since according to her, she has an event that evening to attend to.

Before putting make-up, you must first do your skin care routine.

The make-up artist prepping up the model's face.

She explained how every skin care product works. What it can do and its benefits.

I was amazed by this product, The Genefique.

The make-up artist using a laser to activate the genefique.

The picture says it all.

The speaker passed the products that was used on the model. In this picture, I am holding the Genefique.

According to her, this is a youth activator. This is also the first product that acts on your DNA so that one can achieve a smooth and youthful skin faster.

After applying the Genefique on the model. We tried it at the back of our hands. IT REALLY WORKED! My skin became smooth!

Another product that was passed on was Lancome's Teint Miracle liquid foundation. According to her, it will give you an amazing aura.

After the beauty workshop, Ms. Marionnaud gave a short speech.

She was tall and pretty! What can you expect? She's french! She's the owner of Marionnaud. Marionnaud carries luxury brands of make-up and fragrances.

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