Monday, August 8, 2011

Restaurants: Is it a Hit or a Miss?

What makes a restaurant a hit or a miss? In manila, a restaurant's most powerful advertising tool is word of mouth- if a diner is pleased, you can bet he or she will tell ten people. But if he isn't, it's guaranteed that even more people will know about it. Making time to dine in a restaurant requires preparation. And it's not just about preparation, but anticipation. So you can imagine what a huge letdown it is when this meal i've been priming myself for brings me down. Does a restaurant have right and wrong dishes to order on its menu? I wonder. The way i see it, dining in a restaurant on any given day involves a lot of factors: the quality of materials and ingredients used, a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, waiters who know what they do, etc. But, what's most important is both the chef and the diner. No chef can create a great meal if is mind is off somewhere, and no meal can be enjoyed by a diner who's not in the right frame of mind. And everyone has bad days. Chefs and diners even.

This blog will contain all of my reviews about restaurants. This will also include my reviews about foods, and will also contain a little bit about health related issues. You can also see food hauls here.

Join me in my food adventure, you might just eat your words. :)

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