Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Face Shop: Herb Day Cleansing Wipes

I am too tired sometimes to wash my face. And too lazy most of the time. But I still don't want to sleep with make-up on because my skin easily breaks out. So this cleansing wipe is a very big help for me.

This is the face shop's herb day cleansing wipes.

I love this product because it really works yet it is gentle to the skin. It also has that fresh scent. It cleans your face with irritating your skin.

I always bring this whenever I go out. 

I used this wipe to remove my lipstick and the product that I used for my brows. A few sweeps of this wipes and I'm good to go. 

It really took off all the dirt and make-up from my face. Simply Amazing. I have yet to try the wipes that I bought from Tony Moly and see which works best.

Commenter of the Month For Novemeber

October is nearing its end. So I just want you to have a sneak peek of the prizes for november's commenter of the month. The Commenter of the month for October will be announced on November 1, 2011. I will mail the prizes by Nov.5, 2011. To give others a chance, I will pick different commenters for each month.

Commenter of the Month for November Prize:

1 Dove Moisturizing Bar
My favorite hair treatment cream, L'orel Re-Nutrition
Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail Cream
Jergen's Lotion
Bench Daily Spell Cologne

Know Me Better

Most people always misunderstood my attitude. So, to set the record straight, here are a few random things about me.

Random Things About Me Part 1. ( Personal)

1. My favorite colors are purple, nudes, and gray.
2. I am a punctual person.
3. When I don't like someone, that someone will definitely know right away. You'll know that I don't like you when I don't talk to you, or when you try to talk to me, there is an awkward or cold feeling.
4. I am a perfectionist.
5. I should always get what I want.
6. I am a very determined person. When I have a goal, I am unstoppable.
7. I hate people who are "mayabang" and those who think that they know it all.
8. Sad to say, I pick my friends. I believe that I should now be careful in choosing friends because I have  a lot of bad experiences about "friends". Your friends are your worst enemies.
9. The places that I would love to visit someday are New York, Los Angeles, Greece, Rome, Italy and France.
10. My first impressions LAST.
11. I hate waiting.
12. I love the cold weather.
13. My treatment to a certain person depends on how that person treats me. For example, be mean to me, and i'll be mean to you. Be nice to me, and i'll be nice to you.
14. I am approachable.
15. My favorite TV series are Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.
17. I am detail oriented.
18. I am a scholastican.
19. I want to be a registered nutritionist-dietitian and cupcake baker someday.
20. I am a young wife and mom but not ashamed of it.
21. I am impulsive.
22. I love shopping.
23. I love luxury goods. haha
24. I love apple products.
25. I hate feelingera's and copycats.
26. I like horror movies.

Random Things About Me Part 2. (Make-Up)

1. I don't like putting eye shadows.
2. I can't go out with my brows undone.
3. I like nude lipsticks.
4. I don't like pink blushes.
5. I like simple and nude make-up looks.
6. I am picky when it comes to make-up brands because I have sensitive skin.
7. I don't buy make-up one by one. I save enough money and then I will buy the entire line. 
8. I don't like make-ups with glitters.
9. I hate putting eye liner.
10. I don't like mascaras that are not waterproof.

Random Thing About Me Part 3. (Food)

1. I am not a picky eater.
2. My favorite carinderia food is tapsilog.
3. When I eat lugaw, I like the tokwa to be crispy.
5. I can't live without calamansi and vinegar.
6. Top 5 dips that i like: Tartar sauce, Vinegar with bagoong, Patis with calamansi, Soysauce with calamansi, Vinegar with chillis and garlic and onions.
7. I love tabasco hotsauce.
8. I love heinz ketchup.
9. My favorite restaurants: Amici, Antonio's,Balducci, Belinni's, Mr.Jones, Chelsea's, Cibo, La Nuova, Kozui Green Tea, Borough, Italianni's, TGI Friday's, Cyma, California Pizza Kitchen, Fish & Co, Bubble Tea, Bistecca, Chili's, Bubba Gump, Johnny Rockets, The Stock Market, Galileo Enotica, L'Opera, Murray and Dvine, Lolo Dad's, Cicou, Ristorante Monalisa, Pasto, Five Cows, Bistro Ravioli, Hooter's, Clawdaddy, Pho Hoa, Teriyaki Boy, Lemuria, My Mother's Garden, Casa Roces.
10. My top 5 favorite cuisine: Italian, American, Japanese, Filipino, French
11. My top 20 favorite dessert shops: Estrel's, Bizu, Park Avenue Desserts, Sweet Bella, Cupcakes by Sonja, Classic Confections, Banapple, The Cake Club, Dezaato Pan, Chocolat, Xocolat, Max Brenner, Parvati, Chocolate Fire, Maitre Chocolatier, Cafe Breton, Mom and Tina's, Haagen Dazs, Sebastian's, Secret Recipe.
12. My Top 10 favorite chocolates: Royce, Villa Del Conte, Ghirardelli, Merci, Villar's, Frey's, Ritter Sport, Lindt, Patchi, Godiva.
13. My Top 10 favorite cupcakes: Baked by anita, Swell Sweets, Sweet Patti Cakes, Cuptails and Dreams, Miss OC's Little Kitchen, Piece of cake, Peninsula Bakeshop, Edsa Shang Bakeshop, Milena's.
14. My Top 5 favorite food: Fish and Chips, Tacos, Pizza, Anything Shrimp, Anything beef.
15. I put knorr seasoning when I cook sunny side up or scrambled egg.
16. I am a vegetable eater.
17. I don't like exotic foods.
18. My Top 5 favorite Ice cream Shops: Gelatissimo, Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Sebastian's, Haagen Dazs, Cara Mia Gelateria
19. My top 10 favorite buffets: Tajimaya, Vikings, Yakimix, Sakae Sushi, Seoul Garden, Spiral, Circles, Dusit Thani Sunday Buffet, Heat, Bistro Filipino.
20. My Top 5 favorite seafood: Shrimp, Tahong, Talaba, Salmon, Crab
21. My Top 5 favorite fruits: Peaches, Lychees, Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry
22. Favorite noodles: Oh Ricey, Jjampong.
23. Favorite bread: bruschette, sourdough.
24. Favorite Spread:Nutella
25. Favorite healthy food: Yogurt.
26. Favorite Donut Shop: Krispy Kreme

Random Things About Me Part 4.(Fashion)

1. I prefer comfort over style.
2. I love wearing high heels and flats.
3. I don't like revealing clothes.
4. I don't exaggerate.
5. I don't like neon colored clothes.
6. I love big bags.
7. I like solid and plain colored shirts.
8. I love layering.
9. I don't like ruffles.
10. My style is classy and not trashy.

You can approach me if you want to know more about me. And FYI, I only choose what I want you to see.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Cake Shop: Estrel's Caramel Cakes
Location: Quezon City

To tell you the truth, my love for estrel's is not just love anymore. It is an addiction, an obsession. I would never celebrate any occasion in my life without estrel's. I can't live without it. Because of this growing addiction, I would buy magazines that features estrel's. I would mix and match colors so that I will have ready color combinations in case we needed to order a cake from them. I am so obsessed that if I could, whenever we order, I will just eat it by myself and not share it with anybody. But, it's too pretty to eat. I can't accept the fact that I will just eat a cake made with so much effort and love.

A little trivia about estrel's. This is based on my researches.  The person behind the shop's name is Estrella Ylagan. She is called "estrel" by her friends. One thing that I loved about estrel's is that their cakes were never mass produced. They only have two branches and you need to order your cake way in advance. You will never see them in shopping malls.They are not commercialized. You also need to pick up your cake, no deliveries. The reason for this is that Estrel believed in maintaining the quality by producing cakes in small volumes. She believes in quality over quantity. The cakes are preservative free and they are made the day that they are released. From the making of the cake, to the piping of the roses, to the stirring and pouring of the caramel, it is all man and hand made. 

This is my first estrel's cake given to me by my ex boyfriend who is now my husband on my 19th birthday. I requested the cake to be a combination of color pink and green.

Heart shaped, lemon chiffon, with filling.

Customized message.

My second estrel's cake was also given by my husband on my 20th birthday. A combination of dark purple and pink and light purple and pink.

Butter roses.

Customized message.

He calls me "mami".

And of course, I would also pass my love for estrel's to my child. On her baptism day, her cake was also from estrel's.

A combination of purple, pink and green. Her baptism's motiff.

Customized message.

My daughter's first name is cara.

Truly, Estrel's is a hit! I love the soft chiffon, the sweet caramel and the creamy piped roses. Perfection rolled into one. It's so heavenly that I am currently running out of words to describe it. Magnificent creation. Truly outstanding. This should cake should be awarded with an emmy or grammy award. In fact, this should be put into the guiness book of world records for being the most delicious, eye catching, head turning, jaw dropping and jaw breaking cake.

Believe me when I say that my love for estrel's has reached the optimum level. I named my first born daughter after it. Her second name is ESTRELLE. It may have a different spelling, but you will know for sure who or what is the inspiration. :)

And oh, FYI, I just texted my husband the color of the cake that I wanted because  his gift for our 1st year wedding anniversary on sunday is an estrel's cake. ( I requested for it. hehe. ) :)

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011: CAFE PROVENCAL

Cafe Provencal specializes in french mediterranean cuisine.

The statue that holds a board adds a french touch to their buffet table. The black pot beside the statue contains the French Onion Gratinee.

Grilled Chicken Provencal

Apple Tart Tartin

What I like the most:

APPLE TART TARTIN. (i love it because it's crispy and flaky. it can be eaten for dessert if you want something light. and apples and cinnamon will always be a great combination.)

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011: CYMA GREEK TAVERNA

My number one favorite restaurant from all the participating restaurants is Cyma.

Their sampler menu. The Yiaourti Me Meli is at the back of the sampler menu. Greek Yogurt with pistachios.


Chicken Souvlaki with Parsley Salad and Pita Bread

Kalamarlaka werved with tzatziki

What I like the most:

EVERYTHING! My all time favorite cuisine aside from american, italian and french is greek. I especially love the dips, the pita bread and the dessert. I am a sucker for yogurt! Great Job CYMA!

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011: CRUSTASIA ASIAN BISTRO

Crustasia Asian Bistro specializes in asian cuisine.

Hunan Cumin Ribs

The Grand Javanese Sampler

Steamed Fish Fillets with Black Bean Tapenade

Indonesian Banana and Caramel Crepes

What I like the most:

HUNAN CUMIN RIBS (something new and i love it because it's flavorful and spicy)
STEAMED FISH FILLETS WITH BLACK BEAN TAPENADE ( the fish fillets were so soft, and again, the tapenade was spicy. a perfect mix)

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011: PEPPER LUNCH

I never really tried pepper lunch's food offering because I was informed that they run out of food. At least estimate the number of guests so that you will not run out next time.

Anyway, this post will be short. Here is an example of pepper lunch's food. You will be served with a sizzling hot plate that contains your order. The meat or fish will be cooked by the plate's heat. I guess I will have to go to a pepper lunch outlet to be able to provide a review for their food.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011: SING HAINANESE CHICKEN HOUSE

This restaurant specializes in hainanese chicken.

Coco Pandan Shake

Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese chicken sauces.

Vegetable with oyster sauce.

Fish cakes

What I like the most:


The fish cakes were easy to eat and it tastes great. Vegetable are my favorite, it is simply sauteed in oyster sauce. Hainanese chicken is a healthier alternative. The sauces make it more delicious. I love that they have a spicy sauce for it. What really caught my attention is the coco pandan. It is very tasty and you can really taste the pandan flavor, very silky and creamy.

Also one of my favorite restaurants is Secret Recipe. They have a wide variety of cakes and cheesecakes. They also have award winning dishes.

Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Minestrone Soup

Tom Yum Spaghetti

Black Pepper Chicken

What I like the most:

TOM YUM SPAGHETTI. Never knew that there was such a thing. I only know about Tom Yum Soup. This will be added to my list of favorite pastas.
CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE. At last! Finally tried one of my most favorite cakes from secret recipe.

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011: PHO HOA

One of my favorite restaurants is Pho Hoa. 

Fresh Spring Rolls with 

Fried Spring Rolls

Grilled Pork

I was not able to take pictures of the mango crepe with ice cream. The crepe is color green with fresh mangoes and ice cream.

What I like the most:

FRESH SPRING ROLLS. I totally love it! Especially the sauce. I will always order fresh spring rolls from now on when I eat at Pho Hoa.