Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've been a fan of food magazines since 3rd year highschool. I was never a fan of joining online contests. But appetite's contest was an exception because it is all about food. So I decided to join, and thankfully, my husband and friends were very supportive. Without them, I will not win this contest.

All my effort paid off. I won 2 exclusive invites for the event. This is my first food related event and I can think that it will help me especially on food blogging.

The day of the event came. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I arrived at shangrila mall at around 3pm, the event is at 7pm. I decided to do a little bit of grocery and watch no other woman. P.S, Anne is so pretty and Cristine is a very good actress, very natural.

We registered early. The event is at 7pm so we decided to take pictures first.

It was held at the atrium of Shangrila Plaza Mall.

I love the set-up. I also love the music and lights. Very well planned.

This huge tarpaulin was very eye catching.

My husband, looking down at the event.

There were a lot of bloggers and media people present.

My very supportive husband. I wanna thank him for being so understanding and supportive especially in my blogging.

The host for the night was Sam O. Very pretty, flawless and fluent in english.Such a good host and speaker.

This is the editor in chief of Appetite Magazine giving her welcome speech.

You will be given a passport as your "ticket". You will present the passport at each restaurant. They will stamp it and place some foods on your plate. It was such a fun experience. I will blog about the 13 participating restaurants. But, I have my top 5.

1. Cyma
2. Clawdaddy
3. Pho Hoa
4. Secret Recipe
5. Pages Deli

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  1. Where's your picture?....looking forward sana makita yung outfit u here....newi,the set-up was nice.and congrats for your winnings!