Thursday, October 27, 2011

Know Me Better

Most people always misunderstood my attitude. So, to set the record straight, here are a few random things about me.

Random Things About Me Part 1. ( Personal)

1. My favorite colors are purple, nudes, and gray.
2. I am a punctual person.
3. When I don't like someone, that someone will definitely know right away. You'll know that I don't like you when I don't talk to you, or when you try to talk to me, there is an awkward or cold feeling.
4. I am a perfectionist.
5. I should always get what I want.
6. I am a very determined person. When I have a goal, I am unstoppable.
7. I hate people who are "mayabang" and those who think that they know it all.
8. Sad to say, I pick my friends. I believe that I should now be careful in choosing friends because I have  a lot of bad experiences about "friends". Your friends are your worst enemies.
9. The places that I would love to visit someday are New York, Los Angeles, Greece, Rome, Italy and France.
10. My first impressions LAST.
11. I hate waiting.
12. I love the cold weather.
13. My treatment to a certain person depends on how that person treats me. For example, be mean to me, and i'll be mean to you. Be nice to me, and i'll be nice to you.
14. I am approachable.
15. My favorite TV series are Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.
17. I am detail oriented.
18. I am a scholastican.
19. I want to be a registered nutritionist-dietitian and cupcake baker someday.
20. I am a young wife and mom but not ashamed of it.
21. I am impulsive.
22. I love shopping.
23. I love luxury goods. haha
24. I love apple products.
25. I hate feelingera's and copycats.
26. I like horror movies.

Random Things About Me Part 2. (Make-Up)

1. I don't like putting eye shadows.
2. I can't go out with my brows undone.
3. I like nude lipsticks.
4. I don't like pink blushes.
5. I like simple and nude make-up looks.
6. I am picky when it comes to make-up brands because I have sensitive skin.
7. I don't buy make-up one by one. I save enough money and then I will buy the entire line. 
8. I don't like make-ups with glitters.
9. I hate putting eye liner.
10. I don't like mascaras that are not waterproof.

Random Thing About Me Part 3. (Food)

1. I am not a picky eater.
2. My favorite carinderia food is tapsilog.
3. When I eat lugaw, I like the tokwa to be crispy.
5. I can't live without calamansi and vinegar.
6. Top 5 dips that i like: Tartar sauce, Vinegar with bagoong, Patis with calamansi, Soysauce with calamansi, Vinegar with chillis and garlic and onions.
7. I love tabasco hotsauce.
8. I love heinz ketchup.
9. My favorite restaurants: Amici, Antonio's,Balducci, Belinni's, Mr.Jones, Chelsea's, Cibo, La Nuova, Kozui Green Tea, Borough, Italianni's, TGI Friday's, Cyma, California Pizza Kitchen, Fish & Co, Bubble Tea, Bistecca, Chili's, Bubba Gump, Johnny Rockets, The Stock Market, Galileo Enotica, L'Opera, Murray and Dvine, Lolo Dad's, Cicou, Ristorante Monalisa, Pasto, Five Cows, Bistro Ravioli, Hooter's, Clawdaddy, Pho Hoa, Teriyaki Boy, Lemuria, My Mother's Garden, Casa Roces.
10. My top 5 favorite cuisine: Italian, American, Japanese, Filipino, French
11. My top 20 favorite dessert shops: Estrel's, Bizu, Park Avenue Desserts, Sweet Bella, Cupcakes by Sonja, Classic Confections, Banapple, The Cake Club, Dezaato Pan, Chocolat, Xocolat, Max Brenner, Parvati, Chocolate Fire, Maitre Chocolatier, Cafe Breton, Mom and Tina's, Haagen Dazs, Sebastian's, Secret Recipe.
12. My Top 10 favorite chocolates: Royce, Villa Del Conte, Ghirardelli, Merci, Villar's, Frey's, Ritter Sport, Lindt, Patchi, Godiva.
13. My Top 10 favorite cupcakes: Baked by anita, Swell Sweets, Sweet Patti Cakes, Cuptails and Dreams, Miss OC's Little Kitchen, Piece of cake, Peninsula Bakeshop, Edsa Shang Bakeshop, Milena's.
14. My Top 5 favorite food: Fish and Chips, Tacos, Pizza, Anything Shrimp, Anything beef.
15. I put knorr seasoning when I cook sunny side up or scrambled egg.
16. I am a vegetable eater.
17. I don't like exotic foods.
18. My Top 5 favorite Ice cream Shops: Gelatissimo, Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Sebastian's, Haagen Dazs, Cara Mia Gelateria
19. My top 10 favorite buffets: Tajimaya, Vikings, Yakimix, Sakae Sushi, Seoul Garden, Spiral, Circles, Dusit Thani Sunday Buffet, Heat, Bistro Filipino.
20. My Top 5 favorite seafood: Shrimp, Tahong, Talaba, Salmon, Crab
21. My Top 5 favorite fruits: Peaches, Lychees, Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry
22. Favorite noodles: Oh Ricey, Jjampong.
23. Favorite bread: bruschette, sourdough.
24. Favorite Spread:Nutella
25. Favorite healthy food: Yogurt.
26. Favorite Donut Shop: Krispy Kreme

Random Things About Me Part 4.(Fashion)

1. I prefer comfort over style.
2. I love wearing high heels and flats.
3. I don't like revealing clothes.
4. I don't exaggerate.
5. I don't like neon colored clothes.
6. I love big bags.
7. I like solid and plain colored shirts.
8. I love layering.
9. I don't like ruffles.
10. My style is classy and not trashy.

You can approach me if you want to know more about me. And FYI, I only choose what I want you to see.


  1. wow!nice post!kabog sa mga restaurants na list!ako isa lang alam ko na restaurant,JOLIBEE lang!haha....i try to post something like this on my blog but for sure it will be a short list.:)

  2. whatever happen to that giveaway? lol

  3. @arra: hehe. you should try dining at other restaurants too! that's what i learned from studying nutrition. hehe. :)

  4. @itin: my 1st give way is already finished. I privately messaged the winner on twitter.

  5. as much as i wnt too but my budget doesnt permit me..but il do my best para makapag-dine sa lahat ng resto sa buong mula aparri hanggang pulo.haha..