Friday, October 21, 2011


Shop: Bread Depot
Location: Quezon City

We went to Lagro in Quezon City to celebrate Lolo Tony's birthday. I think there are 4 birthday celebrants. I just forgot who they are, sorry. Anyway, this was one of the cakes.

Never heard of Bread Depot before.

The cake was already in  half when I realized that I just have to blog about their chocolate cake. It was super delicious! 

So I decided to take one slice and put it in a plate.

Here, you can see the chocolate cake with caramel filling. I strongly think that this is caramel but correct me if I'm wrong. It has chocolate ganache for frosting.

Top view of the cake.

It was so delicious and light. The chocolate cake was soft and fluffy and it melts in your mouth. The cake is not too sweet, just perfect. It is not "nakakaumay" as others may say it. I think I had 2 slices of this cake. That's how good it was. This cake made me believe that looks can be deceiving. At one point, I thought that it would not taste good because it looks so simple. But I was very wrong.

Bread Depot, truly a hit! I wish I could pay a visit to their shop so that I could also try their other cake offerings as well.

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