Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Matabang Utak

I came across this blog today and I just can't stop reading it. I love to read blogs that contains posts about anything under the sun. Random thoughts and daily ramblings about life, love, and friendship. One post made a big impact on me and I just want to share it with you, my lovely readers.

Dati noong walang pumapansin sayo dito sobrang mapagkumbaba mo. Ngayon medyo na may nakakakilala na sayo at dumami kaibigan mo tska mo na binabasag yung mga taong nagtatanong sayo, tska yumayabang yabang na ang dating ng pagsusulat mo. 

Hindi mo ba alam na yung mga taong binabasag mo ngayon eh ikaw dati nung naghahanap ka palang rin ng kaibigan? Nakalimutan mo na agad yung dating ikaw? Dahil pakiramdam mo eh nakuha mo na ang gusto mong ~*<>KASIKATAN<>*~.Walang ganyan dito, kung may isang blogger na hindi ka kilala.

Grabe lang, nakakapanlumo. Dati sila yung mga gustong maging kaibigan ka, tapos malaman mo na lang isang araw sila na yung taong sinisiraan ka. Ewan ko, bigla na lang talaga nagbabago ang tao kapag nakakuha na ng matinding atensyon sa iba.

via tumblr, matabang utak

As I've said, it doesn't matter to me if I become famous or not in this world of blogging. I just know some bloggers that I thought were my friends but they eventually changed. As they say, "hindi marunong tumingin sa pinanggalingan". They tell you to be yourself and when you do it, they will be the first ones to judge you. I'm very thankful that I know a FEW bloggers that are genuine and humble, and I admire them for being that even though they are already famous. That's why I only follow a few blogs, blogs that can help me. So sorry, if I have to unfollow you on twitter and on Blogspot. Sorry for not taking the chance to know me better. Because some bloggers are influenced by their co-bloggers. Kaaway ng isa, kaaway ng lahat. 

Lesson learned. Those who follow the crowd will eventually get lost in it. As for me, I won't apologize for being true and real. I do not blog to please other bloggers anyway.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make-Up won't mask an Ugly Heart

"Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or the hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart."- Kevyn Aucoin

" Wearing make-up won't make you pretty on the inside, unless you eat the make-up."

The two quotes that I swore to live by when I started on the make-up blogging industry. Just because one doesn't have many followers doesn't mean  that she's ugly or she's not good enough. I personally think that those people who judge are the ugly ones. In picking friends, I don't care if you're fat, short, amputated, dark, etc. I want friends that I can trust. I am thankful for the very few true people in my life. For me, they are the most beautiful persons alive. I am also thankful for the few blogger friends that I have met that showed me kindness, rest assured that I will also shower you with kindness. After all, it's true what they say, I would always prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. TV guestings, magazine appearances, being famous in the blogging industry is not important to me. A few compliments from real and true people is enough for me. I don't care if I'm not the most sought after beauty blogger of all time. What matters is that I have my friends that supports me in every step of the way. 

I just want to say that EVERY woman is beautiful in their own way. I am dedicating this post to the beautiful women who stayed with me in all my ups and downs.

To my Mom.

To my Daughter, Cara Estrelle

To my cousins, Aila, Serine, Lara, Meg, Rian, Geneve.

To my bestfriends from St.Scholastica's College, Danie and Nozomi

To my SK bestfriends, my partner Rician and Olive

To my Bb. Obando Friends, Rovi, Rhi-Anne, Deverly, Lhexi

To my partner in crime, Aatifa

Other friends, Ate Bea, Gay, Marianne, Sam, Anjen, Dominique.

To the most generous and down to earth beauty blogger that I know, Ms. Martha

Who are the most beautiful people for you? Why do you consider them beautiful?

WOTD: November 06, 2011

So this is my first WOTD for the month of November. Every sunday, I make sure that I hear mass at 9:00am. That's how devoted I am to the 3rd commandment. My sunday won't be complete without going to church first.

We were in a hurry because I don't want to be late, so I decided to wear a simple outfit.

Belt: SM Department Store
Skirt: Kashieca
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Toeberries

On my daughter Cara:

Top: PLACE est. 1989 (from Canada)
Jumper: Baby GAP
Shoes: SM Department Store

"The Blue Family"

On my husband:

Shirt: Giordano
Pants: Bench
Slippers: Nike

(pants and slippers not shown on the picture)

Monday, November 7, 2011

WOTD: October 31, 2011

This is what I wore when we went to meycauayan for kuya shalon's house blessing. It was also amang's birthday celebration and my husband's birthday. We were supposed to wear baby pink as the event's motiff. But we were not prepared so we decided to wear yellow instead.

Belt: SM Department Store
Pants: Herbench
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

Earrings: Pearl Earrings
Bag: Dooney & Bourke (foreign brand)

Top: Forever 21

Kuya Shalon's house was very spacious and modern.

"The Yellow Family". hahaha. =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dadi's 23rd Birthday Celebration

My husband's birthday is on the 31st of October. I've been thinking of things to give him, but I also decided to give him a cake instead. So I contacted Rose Anne of Boo's Recipe to make my desired cake. Since my husband's favorite chocolate is kitkat, why not put it in the cake right?

I also asked that she put chocolate covered strawberries on top.

And then, I put a ribbon to support the kit kat chocolates.

I love everything unique. I just don't like copying others ideas that's why I look and research for my own ideas in advance.

She totally did it. She brought to life the cake in my idea. How lovely! Thanks bubu! 

Dadi and Cara.

The candle we used was from my estrel's cake.

Top view.

So many kit kats!

So later that night, my husband invited his friends and I invited some of mine for a little celebration. A night of eating,drinking and catching up with each other's lives. For this, I wore a black dress from People Are People.

My friends Rician and Lhexi.

With Rician, Lhexi, Alvin, Nars, Ronel and Kuya Ramon. Mostly, my circle includes people from the pageant that I joined.

With nicko this time.

With my husband's friends.

The guys are my husband's friends since highschool.

It was such a fun night! I think they went home at around 2pm. I  didn't drink that much, but my husband was so drunk that he fell asleep on the sofa. haha. :)


My husband asked me what gift should he give me on our anniversary. I didn't wish for material things since I am the kind of person who wants to shop by myself. I love to shop alone because I can concentrate and I can really choose the item that I want.

So I asked him to buy me an Estrel's cake. Of course, this time the roses are shades of purple.

Good things they managed to squeeze in the long personalized message.



Top view of the cake. I just hate to eat Estrel's cakes. They are so beautifully made!

Since it's our anniversary, I requested for a heart shaped cake.

Back view of the cake.See the details on the bottom of the cake? Amazing.

A darker picture so that you can see the difference of the colors.

If you can differentiate the colors, there are 3 colors of roses. Purple, Light Purple and Dark Purple.

So, if ever you'll give me a gift, I would be happy if you will give me an Estrel's cake instead of make-ups. :)

Event: 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration

So for our 1st wedding anniversary, we decided to eat at yakimix. My husband made an early reservation since our anniversary will fall on a sunday.

Upon entering yakimix, Cara was so vibrant and cheerful, that two of the servers of yakimix noticed her and gave her some candies.

This is their price list as of 2011.

Cara is so photogenic! No biases here! She already knows how to pose for the camera.

Dadi's first round. I reminded him not to get all the food offerings so that he can save his appetite for the grilling part.

My first plate.

I just got 2 tempuras, sashimis, sushis with raw salmon and tuna, salad and chicken. I love raw salmon! It melts in your mouth!

Time for grilling.

1st plate of ready to grill foods.

We got cured and marinated meats and seafoods.

I love shrimps!

After this first plate, I got 2 more plates that contains only bacon.

I had two plates of pure bacon. Yes, I love bacon. 

My dipping sauces. What can you expect? Vinegars and spicy sauce.

I just have to say that the newly opened SM North Yakimix branch was very clean and well ventilated! It was spacious and the interiors are nice. The staff as usual, are very eager to help and very attentive. Their comfort room is also clean. For dessert, I just got the chocolate cake, since I don't like yakimix's dessert range to be honest.

Friday, November 4, 2011

WOTD: October 30, 2011

Last saturday, my husband and I with our daughter went out to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. My husband was so sweet because he took care of all the expenses that day. This is what I wore when we went out to eat.

Dress: Frou Frou
Earrings: Pearl Earrings
Watch: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Bag: Liz Claiborne
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source