Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Commenter of the Month for October

Hi my beautiful cupcakes! As promised, I will announce today my very first commenter of the month! By the way, how's your long weekend? Happy all saint's day today!

To not keep you waiting, my very first commenter of the month is...


I love this girl because you can really tell that she always visit my blog and read through all my posts. Thank you for showing interest in my blog and for being so sweet and kind! Rest assured that I will also show you kindness in return. Hope I can know you better! You have a friend in me.

Arra, kindly text me at 09152407205 or leave me a message on my facebook account. I will wait for your text or message. Enjoy your prizes!

And the search for the next commenter of the month will continue this november. :)

1 comment:

  1. Thank You dear!Rest assured that I always find time to read your blog and comment often.You know what i like about your blog is that it was simple.You inspired me to have my own blog.You can visit it here:

    It was still messy but I'm so proud that I've maid it all by myself!

    Again,tnx so much dear!****HUGS****