Saturday, November 5, 2011

Event: 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration

So for our 1st wedding anniversary, we decided to eat at yakimix. My husband made an early reservation since our anniversary will fall on a sunday.

Upon entering yakimix, Cara was so vibrant and cheerful, that two of the servers of yakimix noticed her and gave her some candies.

This is their price list as of 2011.

Cara is so photogenic! No biases here! She already knows how to pose for the camera.

Dadi's first round. I reminded him not to get all the food offerings so that he can save his appetite for the grilling part.

My first plate.

I just got 2 tempuras, sashimis, sushis with raw salmon and tuna, salad and chicken. I love raw salmon! It melts in your mouth!

Time for grilling.

1st plate of ready to grill foods.

We got cured and marinated meats and seafoods.

I love shrimps!

After this first plate, I got 2 more plates that contains only bacon.

I had two plates of pure bacon. Yes, I love bacon. 

My dipping sauces. What can you expect? Vinegars and spicy sauce.

I just have to say that the newly opened SM North Yakimix branch was very clean and well ventilated! It was spacious and the interiors are nice. The staff as usual, are very eager to help and very attentive. Their comfort room is also clean. For dessert, I just got the chocolate cake, since I don't like yakimix's dessert range to be honest.

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