Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Inside and Out

September and October has been very good to me. To start off, I won as The beauty junkee's commenter of the month for September!

Before I show you what I got, let me introduce you to my favorite beauty blogger, Martha Sta. Barbara

I don't know how I came across her blog, but what I do know is that after I read one post, I became hooked with her blog that I finished reading her entire blog in one seating. From them on, everytime I open my laptop, I would always make sure to visit her blog. I was so happy that I got the chance to talk to her even if it is only through facebook.  I like her because she is so real. Very transparent and straight to the point. Sometimes, I see myself in her. She is also very generous. Always willing to give back and share her blessings to other people. A woman of dignity indeed. She is very kind hearted. No wonder why she is blessed with so many good things! I hope that I can see her and talk to her personally. It would be an honor! 

The package!

Delivered to me.


So thoughtful and sweet of her to include a personal message.

The nivea products.

Facial wash and toner, shower and shave, angelstar lotion and deodorant, nivea soap and lipbalm.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much Ms.Martha! You have made a huge impact in my life. Rest assured that I will support you in all of your undertakings in life! :)


  1. FINALLY!!! After ten thousand years, it's already with you! :D

    Thanks for this touching post Maricar. Hey, let's have coffee soon. :D Would love to meet you. :)


  2. Congratulation!I love Nivea!...The Beauty Junkie eats Lipstick is a must read blog.!

  3. oh cool! Congratulations!
    I visit her blog very often too, almost everyday, but I don't comment on every visit...hehe