Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Dine For: PHO HOA

Restaurant: PHO HOA ( Vietnamese Noodle House)
Location: Trinoma

Noodles. One of my favorite foods. When we go out and eat on a chinese restaurant, I would always go for beef and wanton noodles. I love pasta, noodles and beef. Yes, I am a carnivorous type of person. I love beef so much that I am willing to eat it raw. Joking. Together with my husband, I asked him to try Pho Hoa. This is my 2nd time to eat here.

I was surprised that my husband's friend is working at Pho Hoa trinoma. Upon entering the restaurant, he greeted us and he took care of us.

This is the Sriracha hot sauce. One of my favorite hot sauce aside from Tabasco and Red Devil. I use this as a dipping sauce for the beef.

Pho Hoa Menu.

We ordered a large bowl of Pho number 8. Always my favorite.

My husband ordered the Pho Hoa Iced tea. I only ordered water. We were surprised when two Iced teas were served in our table. My husband's friend "took care of it". Lucky us!

The Iced tea was good! Great blend of flavors. I love the froth!

This will be served before your noodles. Put the bean sprouts in your noodles and the leaves for added aroma. Squeeze the lemon for more kick.

Just the smell of it will weaken your kness. 

The rice noodles are soft and cooked perfectly. The soup was amazing. Beyond amazing. 

Ready to eat ala monster kill. That's our term for " eat till you drop".

The beef was tender. No words to describe it. 

Thinly sliced beef.

Love the flavor and the texture. Especially when you dip it into the hot sauce.

My husband wanted a sandwich so we ordered one. He ordered the chicken teriyaki sandwich. The waiter said that it was their best seller.

Nice presentation.

It was served with kamote fries. A healthier alternative.

Made with fresh vegetables. That's a must.

I also loved it! Chicken was tender and very flavorful!I also love that they added more onions. I also love onions!

PHO HOA is definitely a HIT! Do try different cuisines and dishes and don't stick to the basics. Experiment and Explore!


  1. Pho Hoa is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant! So cheap pa! :)

  2. The foods look really really yummy!