Friday, October 21, 2011


Shop: Cinnabon
Location: Trinoma

This was my first try to try Cinnabon. I am never really a fan of cinnamon rolls, but I do buy cinnamon rolls from Starbucks. 

I bought a minibon.  I think I can;t finish the regular sized cinnamon rolls because I think that they are too big. And I am considering this as a taste test.

I love the color of the box for individual rolls.

Oh my, how I love the tagline! Since I love cupcakes, yes, I do believe that life needs frosting!

This is the mini original cinnamon roll. Take note that their cinnamon rolls are a bit too pricey.

Well, I think that you really get your money's worth. It is freshly baked to perfection. It is soft and the smell is just perfect. I really love the combination of cinnamon and cream cheese. Especially when the cream cheese is oozing and dripping on the cinnamon roll.

If you want to grab a quick snack or dessert, try buying something at cinnabon. They also have other flavors that I have yet to try.

I love the frosting on top. Re-heat the cinnamon roll before eating it, it will taste better believe me.

Overall, Cinnabon is a HIT! I pledge to now buy cinnamon rolls from cinnabon! haha

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