Thursday, October 20, 2011


Restaurant: Ristorante Bigoli
Location: Trinoma

I was looking for a restaurant that serves pizza because I was craving for one. When I saw Bigoli, I decided to eat there because I haven't tried their food yet.

I love the interior of the restaurant. It's clean, spacious and well lighted and ventilated. Once you enter the restaurant, the waiters will greet you by saying Grazie!

I love the wall and the lights.

And also the hanging lamp. 

The food will be served on your table but you need to get the utensils and the condiments at the service station. When you order an unlimited or bottomless drink, you will need to go to the service station to refill your drink.

My pasta order: Aglio Olio.

The breadsticks are also free! You will be given a plate with one bread stick after you order. And then someone will go around to ask you if you want to have more. The garlic bread sticks tasted delicious!

The Aglio Olio. With Parmesan cheese, olive oil, garlic and black olives. I love the simple taste of this dish. The noodles are cooked al dente. I'd rather not order cream and tomato based pastas. 

My pizza order: Bigoli Supremo.

Nothing new. But it tastes great! I love that it's chewy and crispy! I love that the crust is thin. I really don't want thick crusted pizzas.

Chili Rojo hotsauce.

This restaurant is definitely a hit! I will visit them again and try their other offerings. I will try their chicken next.


  1. Would love to try that thin crust pizza.... yum

  2. @hollie: you should! :) worth trying and it's cheap too! :)