Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outer Transformation

My vital statistics used to be 37-26-36. But now, my waistline is nowhere near 26. When I got pregnant, I couldn't stop eating. I gained weight but lost it after I gave birth. I now weigh 144 pounds. I feel fat. Some of my old clothes don't fit on me anymore. That's why I decided to go on a diet. But, I don't want to go on a crash diet because studies say that when you go on a crash diet, you will eventually regain the pounds that you lost after five years. Who would want that right? My strategy is that I eat a balanced diet. I don't eat rice, but I make sure that I eat healthy foods. I always eat breakfast for it is the most important meal of the day. I eat a lot for breakfast and it makes me not crave for anything during the entire day. I also make sure that I exercise for 1 hour everyday and that I drink 8 glasses of water or even more. Being a nutrition and dietetics student and an aspiring registered nutritionist-dietitian, I need to apply what I have learned in myself. People will not be motivated to eat healthy if I myself, will not eat healthy.

Discipline is the key.

And oh, when you want to go on a diet, MAKE SURE that you consult a nutritionist first. I consulted a friend, Marianne Cantuba, RND before I went on my diet. People have different needs. Before going on a diet, you need to know first what you need to eat, how much weight you should shed off, etc.Don't think that you know it all.  

Oh and FYI, eating crackers when you are on a diet makes you crave for more food and starve.


  1. You should read my blog entires on how I lost 20kg after giving birth :)

    Hope they're helpful to you :)

  2. Well,I wish Ive gained weight when Im pregnant.But No...I was still this skinny girl that I look like a highschooler.LOL.well,maybe it's the genes.Voluoptous woman are always beautiful.