Friday, October 21, 2011

KCF Streetwise Spoonfuls

Product: KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls
Where to buy: KCF Outlets Nationwide

When this ad was shown on TV, I immediately said to myself that I am gonna try them all. I went to the mall and bought the 4 of the desserts for my husband since he always wants to eat dessert or something sweet after dinner.

4 KFC Streetwise Spoonful for take home.

There are 4 flavors available.

It's really cheap for just 29 pesos each.

This is the Chocolate Tiramisu.

Well, it's tastes like coffee. Sweetened coffee. It's identical with the chocolate mousse. The only difference is that you can taste the coffee that is infused with the mousse.

The next one is the Mango Cheesecake.

This one tastes completely artificial. I just don't like it. The crust is okay.

This one is my favorite. The Choco Banana Pie.

I should have bought four of this instead. It tastes delicious! The combination of banana and cream, heavenly!

The last one is the Chocolate Mousse.

Tastes the same. Nothing new. 

For me, the spoonfuls are a MISS for now. If you will introduce something new to the market, at least improve it and make it worth raving about. But, I will definitely try the choco banana pie again.

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