Friday, October 21, 2011

To Dine For: Max's Restaurant

Restaurant: Max's Restaurant
Location: Trinoma

Before watching Final Destination 5, my husband and I decided to eat lunch first. I let him pick the restaurant because he treated me with the movie. He chose Max's Restaurant.

The waiters are very accommodating and courteous. The place is spacious, clean and well lighted. I love their place mats. Very filipino. My placemat has a different drawing from my husband's. Cute!

Condiments. I really don't like Max's ketchup.

Photo taken by my husband. He put his wedding ring on the straws to bind them. Haha! I ordered light coke and he ordered Iced tea.

Since it was still morning, I decided to order their tapsilog. I wish that they could improve the presentation. It looks better on the menu. 

Garlic Rice.

2 sunny side up eggs. I don't like how the eggs look like. They could have done and cooked it better. At least make it look nice on the plate.

Beef tapa. It's chewy and well cooked. I looove beef tapas.



My husband's order. You can never go wrong with Max's spring chicken and caramel bars!

I originally ordered lomo for our appetizer but they said that it wasn't available so I chose the potato salad instead.

This is good for one.

Very light and well seasoned. Potatoes are well cooked and the vegetables used are fresh.

Well, Max's is a partly miss and hit. Hit because the food is great and the service is great. Miss because they lack food presentation and it may take a long time before you get your orders.


  1. Yes I do agree with you on that sis, Max's really takes a very long time to serve their customers, though it's ok for me as long as I'm getting good food. :)

    BTW, sweet ni hubby :) cute ang ring sa straws ha ha

  2. hi sis! followed you! :) maybe you can follow me also. :) yeah sweet ni hubby. so lucky. hehe. you have kids na rin? :)