Friday, October 21, 2011


Restaurant: Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee
Location: SM Sky Garden

After watching Final Destination 5, we decided to grab some desserts to take home. We passed by this shop so we decided to give it a try.

Menu on the wall. The shop is small and there are limited tables and seats.

That's me paying for the cakes.

Cake selections. They have so many cakes available. They also have 2 refrigerators full of cakes aside from that. I would love to try all their cakes!

We took home 2 cakes.


The two cakes. A slice of strawberry shortcake and 7th heaven.

Individual cake packaging.

I love their tagline!

This is the slice of 7th heaven.

It has nuts and coffee and chocolate.

I love the chocolate drippings at the back of the cake.

2nd cake.

This is the slice of the strawberry shortcake.

It has cream and strawberries. Mainly chiffon cake.

Love the back. So nice to look at.

Side view of the strawberry shortcake. Two layers of chiffon cake with strawberry cream filling at the center and whip cream with strawberry jam or compote on the top.

Back view.

This cake has a simple flavor. Nothing to rave about. Nothing different. It's too sour for me and it's too artificial. 

7th heaven cake, side view. It consists of coffee cream filling, chocolate cake, nuts, the yellow part after the chocolate cake, i really don't know what's it called.

This cake is very neatly done. Well thought of.

I love the detailed chocolate drippings at the back of the cake. 

This cake is delicious. The coffee cream is nice, not overpowering, not too bitter or too sweet. I love the texture. It's soft and creamy and it kind of melts in your mouth. The nuts also adds crunch in every bite.

Overall, it is a 50/50. Hit because they offer a variety of cakes. Miss because the place is too small and crowded. But i'd love to try the other cakes and pay a visit to their shop again.

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