Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am so lucky to have my father and husband in my life. I will always be daddy's little girl because I am an only child. But, I believe that my husband is like my father in some ways. He is strict, but he always give me what I want. They spoil me to the highest level. 

Many thanks to my husband for buying me the Nikon D3100 kit with tripod. And many thanks to my dad for buying me an Ipod Touch 4th Generation.

Well, I think I'm gonna convince my dad to buy me a WII. Since it can help me lose weight. And then, for the Iphone 4s, I pledged that I will buy that using my own money. I will save my salary from my job for it. And then I told my husband to buy me a MACBOOK AIR as is lifetime gift! haha. joking aside. I will make a good deal and bargain first. Crossed fingers!


  1. Cool finds! As much as I want to buy the 4s, I think I'm going to wait for iPhone 5 :)

  2. you have the sweetest husband! :)