Friday, August 26, 2011

Marks and Spencer's Dutch Shortcake

Product: Dutch Shortcake
Where to buy: Marks and Spencer
Price: 155.00PHP

According to Becky Kho of Yummy magazine, she eats dutch shortcake on the plane when she travels. So I decided to try it.

It is neatly packaged.

It is in a white box, but it is not sealed.

It includes 9 pieces of cookies.

Just the other half of the cookie has chocolate.

I love the shape and presentation of the cookie. However, i didn't like it that much. Yes, it's soft and crunchy, but i can't actually get the taste. It's not too sweet, i can't really tell what the taste is. And the chocolate is not that sweet. It's not chocolate-y. I expected too much from this. So overall, this is a MISS. But i'm willing to try other products from them. Next to my list are their pasta sauces.

I would also love to avail of their loyalty card.

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  1. oh i love marksandspencer cookies especially when its sale hehehe.. BTW im a new follower following back is much appreciated thank you.. and also join my blog giveaway..