Friday, August 12, 2011

Pork And Shrimp Siomai

Tried this recipe from Yummy Magazine August Issue courtesy of my husband! 4 more issues and my yummy 2011 edition is complete!

As you can see, i made three different designs! The ingredients are, wanton/molo/siomai/gyoza wrapper, shrimp and pork meat, salt, pepper, soy sauce, carrots, cabbage, onions. That's it! And then you steam it for about 30 minutes.

Gyoza and Open Face Siomai Style

Wanton Style

It tuned out quite good. We had a lot of left over mixture and wrappers, so we made another batch and made wanton soup!

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  1. Now this inspires me to learn cooking, finally. My sister is studying Culinary Arts though she couldn't get me to cook as I always think it's only for those who have talent in cooking. I'm such a dimsum lover and this post makes me a little bit perked up that I might just cook tomorrow Hihi And your husband is so supporting, kudos! Perhaps you'd like to join my simple contest? A gastronomic experience at a fine dining restaurant is at stake :) Hoping you can drop by my blog and check it out! Thanks! Enjoy the weekend!