Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bath and Body Works PocketBac

                                           Product: Bath and Body Works PocketBac
                                           Where to buy: Department Store in Malls
                    Price: PocketBac- 99.00PHP PocketBac Holder- Depends On Style

PocketBacs are really a hit nowadays. Because you can easily put it in your bag, wallet etc. It is also small so it won't consume a large space in your bag. I am a hygiene freak. If you can see what's inside my bag, aside from my make-up, you can see loads of tissues and wipes, there is also alcohol and of course a hand sanitizer.
My PocketBac holder costs 389.00PHP, yes, more expensive than the PocketBac itself. Maybe because it has stones? haha. But the normal single colored PocketBac Handles i think are just a hundred or so. 

I am a fan of Bath and Body Works. I always buy my cologne from them. I picked the scent Fresh Lime Basil. I love scents that smell fresh!

As you can see, it is only $1.50 in the US. Roughly 43-44PHP, but it is overpriced here. I have an uncle who's going to visit the Philippines next year, and I told him to buy loads of PocketBacs for me! It's really cheap when you buy it abroad!

Pretty right? I'm also planning to buy different colors of PocketBac holders so that it can match with the color of the bag that i'm using.

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    Thank you so much for following me. Imma follow you back~ =)
    We have the same pocketbac holder the one with some crystals in it. I got the cupcake collection one though~