Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish

                                              Product: The Face Shop Nail Polish
                                    Where to buy: The Face Shop Stores In Malls
                                                      Price: 95.00PHP Per Bottle

This is my small collection of the face shop nail polishes. I know that there are a lot of cheaper brands for nail polish, but mind you, not all of them are safe to use. That's why i prefer using these nail polishes because they are proven to be safe for usage.

My favorite colors and shades to use are the pastel ones. I really don't like neons, glittery, shiny and sparkly shades of nail polish. I'm planning to collect of all of the colors. I just asked my husband to make a nail polish rack for me. I threw out all of my past nail polishes, some i have given away. I only kept the ones from the face shop.

Pastel Blue and Dark Blue

Dark Brown and Light Brown

Pastel Yellow

Gold- When you apply this, there's really no visible color, just glitters.

Pastel Purple and Dark Purple

Pastel Green

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