Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Shop: Frostings Cupcake
Location: Trinoma

Cupcake stores and shops are all over the metro. After graduating, i'd love to have a cupcake shop, but with a different approach. That's why i said to myself, that as early as possible, i have to learn more about cupcakes. That's why i tried out frosting's cupcake. Actually, i bought this for cara's 4th month and for my husband, obet.

There are many cupcake flavors to choose from, but i started with the premium flavors. Premium flavors costs 45.00PHP, Deluxe flavors 65.00PHP, Fruits 75.00PHP. This cupcake is the Choco Strawberry. This is for cara actually. I find the cupcake too hard. It's not moist. And the strawberry cream on top tastes like artificial strawberry flavoring. There's nothing new or unique about it.

Packaging for single cupcakes.

This one is for obet. Double Dutch Flavor

With chocolate bits.

Usually, cupcakes like this are called neopolitan cupcakes because they have two flavors of batter. But since this is double dutch, expect that the batter flavors are doubled. This is the chocolate batter.

The vanilla batter. This one i personally like. It's moist and it tastes like the real thing. Like double dutch! I like the creamy buttercream frosting with a bit of chocolate. The cupcake itself is very creamy and delicious!

I really can't decide if frostings cupcake is a hit or miss, i have to try the other flavors before i can fully decide.

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