Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi there! It's been a long time since I last clicked "New Post". I've been planning my daughter's 1st birthday party that's why I've been busy lately. I have so many products to blog about and I really don't know where to start. So, for this 1st post of 2012, I will proudly blog about my hometown which is Obando.

Obando is a small town in Bulacan. But mind you, it doesn't look so province-y because you'll be surprised that it looks so modern and civilized. Obando is known for its fertility dance that is being held every 17th-19th of May. Many tourists go to Obando with high hopes to have a child, a wife/husband, or a successful livelihood. And many testimonies prove that dancing in Obando really answers their prayers.  During the 3 days, women and men of all ages clad in traditional costumes dance lively to the tune of Santa Clara Pinong Pino despite the unbearable heat. They have been doing it every year, and for them, it is their sacrifice or "panata." Obando has no malls or overly commercialized and tall sky crapers but what Obando has is its people with pride and diginity, and of course with an unbreakable faith. Never mind the flood, obandenios still manage to remain happy despite the obstacles in life. Simple living. People here in Obando are simple, and they find comfort in eating too! We don't have classy  and posh restaurants but eateries here can offer you good food with good prices. So if you want to go in our small town, let me provide you with a mini tour on where to eat in Obando.

   Catanghalan, Obando, Bulacan

Mcdomeng is a small eatery here in Obando. It is known for its amazing Tapsilog and Burgers. Actually, this is  an expanded version of their eatery.

It is an open eatery so you'll get to choose whether to dine inside or opt to eat outside, for an al fresco dining.

Ceiling fans to keep the ambiance cool, we have a bipolar weather here in Obando and sometimes, the heat can be so unbearable.

Hungry customers. This eatery is always packed with customers. From Obando and from Valenzuela.

Wall paintings adorned the walls as decorations.

It says self service. So after you place your order, you need to get your dining utensils by yourself. You also need to fall in line when ordering.

Worry not, because the utensils are neatly placed on a table and they are sterilized.

Free water for every customer.

This is the cashier. It says "pay as you order". After paying and ordering, you will be provided with a receipt and a number because you will have to wait for your order.

You can also buy polvorons, chicharon, and other pica pica foods from them.

The menu is posted on the wall. If you are a regular customer, you wouldn't even bother to look at the menu, just like me.

They have a wide range of beverages to choose from. They are stored on a beverage cooler/refrigerator.

Condiments on the table. Vinegar, Soysauce, Ketchup, and Hot Sauce.

Waiting time varies and depends on the number of customers. Expect to wait for 15-20 minutes for your order to arrive because they are cooked upon ordering. This is their best seller. Their Tapsilog. For Php65.00, you will get a bowl of soup, a tapsilog meal that consists of shredded tapa, one sunny side up egg, and a 1/2 tomato.

Their tapa is easy to eat because it is already shredded. Warning, it can be so addicting. I just had their tapsilog for 3 consecutive days. Their is an enough amount of tapa on the plate and trust me, you will need an extra rice. The tapa is tender and it is well cooked and seasoned. It is cooked with red chili, so expect to see seeds of chili.

A small bowl of comfort. Other eateries offer bland soups, but this one is served steaming hot and it is very flavorful. I think this is the soup of bulalo or nilagang baka (boiled beef).

Condiments. A small calamansi and 1 chili. Squeeze the calamansi, put on soysauce, slice the chili in half and squeeze it using your spoon to extract the heat. 

Also one of their best sellers is their cheeseburger.

Yes, it is a normal burger. Nothing special or fancy about it, but it can surely tame your hungry tummy. 

A bun includes a burger patty, 1 slice of tomato, cucumber, onion, and 2 slices of cheese. It also has mayonnaise, ketchup, and if you want, you can put hot sauce.

All in all, you'll get your money's worth by dining in McDomeng. You'll definitely feel full afterwards. Surely a HIT. 

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of "Where to eat in Obando."


  1. That tapa looks really good right now.. hahaha.. Wish we had more restaurants that serve good tapa here in Cebu..

    Kisses! xxx

  2. So the tapa is their best seller? I need to try this soon.

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