Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi cupcakes! :) To keep you updated about the daily happenings in my life, I have decided that I will blog about the things/persons that highlighted my week. I will post my highlights of the week posts every monday. So for this week, here are the persons and things that kept me busy and my heart happy.

1. Visitor for a day- Last December 7, I met up with my bestfriends danie and nozomi. I got the chance to visit my alma mater again and I can't wait to be back in school! A lot of things have changed. The new building is superb and it was so luxurious! Danie and I went to starbucks to have some coffee. Star tagged along and then we had lunch with nozomi and star at Papa Johns. Loved the feeling when I rode the LRT again! 

2. Makeup Artist Wanna Be- Last December 10, my mom told me to do her makeup because she will be a ninang to a wedding. So I gladly did her hair and make-up and I must say that I enjoyed the experience! And she liked it! She gave me a talent fee. I'm so happy because I just realized that one of my frustrations is to be a makeup artist. 

3. New found love- My mom bought these home because it was a client's Christmas gift to them. I absolutely love them! This biscuit came all the way from Malaysia. I thought it was just one of the commercialized biscuits that are being sold locally but I was wrong! The biscuit itself tastes a little salty but with the chocolate, it tasted heavenly! I hope this certain brand of biscuit is being sold here in our country.

4. 12 days of Christmas- Know the song "12 days of Christmas"? Well, since it's my daughter's first Christmas, I want her to experience the 12 days of Christmas by giving her 12 gifts! I just want her first Christmas to be as memorable as possible. This is my first gift for her.

4. Movie Date- My husband treated me yesterday to the movie house and we watched breaking dawn! (at last!). I was glad that I was able to fought the urge to cry on the wedding scene! I can definitely relate to it. It was definitely a date because he also treated me to lunch and then we canvassed for the things that we would buy for out Christmas Shopping.

5. Peppermint Mocha- I am now starting to collect stickers for the 2012 planner! I chose option 1 because I love the holiday drinks! Especially the peppermint mocha! Whether hot or iced, it is indeed my favorite! 14 more stickers to go!

6. On the 2nd and 3rd Day of Christmas- I just bought my 2nd and 3rd gift for cara. I also bought some gift cards! All disney princesses.I want it to be my daughter's collection. 9 gifts to buy!

That's it for the highlights of my week! How about you? What did you do last week? What made your day and who did you spend it with? Advance Happy Holidays!

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