Friday, December 9, 2011



Hi there! It's been a long time since my last blog. Been busy with wifely and motherly duties and work. As you all know, I am currently working as a fashion article writer. I've got loads of products to blog about and I promise to blog everyday starting today. So for my comeback, I'm going to review my favorite lipstick which is MAC in Jubilee.

I bought this lipstick at Trinoma. Yes, MAC already has an outlet in Trinoma and it is right beside Clinique's.  It was actually an impulsive buy. I am an impulsive shopper and I must get what I want even if it will drain my money and savings. Haha.

It is priced at 1,000PHP. Take note that they are way overpriced here in the Philippines. If you buy this from the states, it will cost you 800-900PHP only. It is indeed too costly and pricey for a medium sized lipstick.

This is my 1st ever MAC product and I must say that I did got my money's worth! I really love the sleek and classy packaging. Very simple but it definitely has a lasting impact. I love the slight glimmer and shimmer on the tube.

Since  I am a morena or medium skinned woman, I prefer nudes and neutrals when it comes to lip shades. I don't like striking hues of red and pink. I told the sales lady to recommend a good neutral shade that would suit my skin tone, and she introduced me to MAC LUSTRE LIPSTICK'S JUBILEE.

I tried it on and I immediately loved the color. It looks nude indeed! I also don't like shimmers in my lipstick so I prefer simple looking shades and finish.


1. It has a nice packaging.
2. Glides smoothly into your lips.
3. It has that soft and smooth finish.
4. Will last you long but it depends on your usage.
5. There are a wide range and variety of colors.
6. Has a nice finish.


1. It has a weird smell.
2. Too pricey and expensive.
3. Doesn't last for long hours so you will need to reapply it.
4. Will look dry on your lips if you don't apply lip balm before putting it.
5. Fades easily.
6. The smell of the lipstick lingers in your mouth that you can actually taste it.

This is the shade of JUBILEE when swatched on a medium skin tone. 

Of course I will repurchase again from MAC, but I would also love to try ALL of their products. I am a sucker for MAC products but I do believe that I need to save tons of money if I want to have them all. Haha. Till my next post cupcakes! <3


  1. Wow!I love the color,i ma fan of caramel hued lippies coz I want to look like J.lo and Halle berry,LOL...but im careful in selecting a shade cos sometimes they tend to make you look old while others makes you glow...:)

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