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Hi! So this post will be the 2nd part of my "where to eat in obando" adventures,haha. Remember your highschool or elementary days? Don't you just love eating right after class with your friends? I always look forward for our class dismissal to be able to eat outside our school. That's why saving money was hard for me, because all the money that's left from my allowance will be spent for food. 

CSPB is a private school in Obando and this school took care of me and educated me from Kinder 1 up to 4th year High School. It has two campuses, Fr. Dilag and Fr.Punzal. The Fr.Dilag campus houses students from Nursery,Kindergarten, Elementary and College, while the Fr.Punzal campus is the home of the high school students. I have so many memories from this school, some good and some bad. This school taught me how to be a leader, and to be a good student. And this is also the school where I got bullied. HAHAHA. Yes, I maybe tall but I am prone to bullies. 

Fr. Dilag Campus

Upon exiting the school, you will see many food kiosks and small eateries. The ones that I'll be featuring has become so dear to me because not only they offer good food, but they also give reasonable prices.

1. Itlog Pugo/Fishball/Kikiam Food Kiosk

This food kiosk has been there since I can remember. Ate even remembered me after years of not buying kwek-kwek. She even said "may anak ka na pala", haha. 

Her product offerings are itlog pugo, kikiam, and fishball. If you're the type of person that loves street foods, you will never go wrong with these. Very cheap, affordable, and tasty of course. It is well cooked and clean.

You can choose a sauce to go with it. vinegar, a sweet or spicy version of the brown sauce. Whatever you pick, it will certainly go well with the products you choose. You'll surely feel full after eating a few pieces.

2. Romero's Burger Stand

This burger stand is owned by the Romero family. One of the owners is my batch mate and the others I have known through common friends. The members of their family is very kind and generous, that's why I love buying from them. The prices of their products are also reasonable and affordable. You can eat your burgers on the food stand. They have a long table and several chairs. The burgers are cooked upon ordering.

A variety of burgers and sandwiches to choose from. Trust me, you'll get your money's worth from the burgers.

Our favorite, Ham and Egg with Cheese. The size of the burger is big. Aside from the ham, cheese, and egg, it also has mayonnaise, ketchup, and shredded cabbage.

To accompany your burgers, do try their refreshing sago gulaman for only 5.00php! You can opt for only gulaman, or sago. Like me, I only like gulaman. No added price, still the same. 

The flavor is just right and it's not too sweet and bland. Rest assured that it's clean because they use purified water to make this.

3. Fruit Shake

I think this fruit shake stall only opened a few years ago because this was not yet available back then when I was still studying in CSPB. I only tasted their shakes recently, and I must say that I am instantly smitten by it!

Fruits and CHEESE! Yes you got that right, CHEESE!

Their cheese shake created a buzz that's why we decided to try it for Php 20.00. They use local cheese for the shake.

I really like this cheese shake. You can really taste the cheese. Very creamy and not too sweet. There's a hint of saltiness from the cheese. Prepare for quivering knees.

Pureed to perfection. For 20.00, you'll get a medium sized cheese shake!

However, I don't like it when they added cookies. It tasted bland and I can't taste the cheese anymore.

It tasted bland. I was never a fan of cookies and cream, that's why I'll always go for the simple and plain cheese shake.

4. Mozzarita's Pizza

Want a slice of pizza? Then you should go to Mozzaritas. 

This is one of the food stalls that I worship because of their spaghetti! However, the pizza that they are offering is just the local pizza. Not the ones that can level up to Greenwich,pizza hut, nor shakey's.

Mozzaritas is a small stall with 3 tables and a few chairs. I do hope that they'll expand their store someday in order to cater more customers.

Plastic tables and chairs. 

Their shake menu. The shakes are simply amazing and delicious especially their iced tea!

In my opinion, the spaghetti is definitely their best seller.

Choose your pizza flavor.

A large iced tea, spaghetti, and large fries for my hungry stomach!

Their iced tea is amazing. However, they use calamansi instead of lemon and I must say that using calamansi in iced teas tastes better. Really refreshing!

Large fries, cheese flavor with mayonnaise. Nothing special, just the typical commercialized fries.

The best seller, spaghetti.For 38.00PHP, you will get a spaghetti on a styrofoam container. Filled with sauce, and local grated cheese.

The sauce is very delicious! The sauce has pork, hotdogs, and liver. Yes, liver. It makes the spaghetti taste even better. Very creamy, and sweet. The cheap sweet taste of overly commercialized spaghetti. This can surely level up to Jollibee or Mcdo's spaghetti!

The serving? Good enough for sharing. Yes, you'll get your money's worth from the taste and serving. Mozzaritas is one of my favorite food stall in Obando. I can definitely eat spaghetti every day if it's from them.

Moving on, this is the Fr.Punzal campus. This is where I spent my 1st,3rd, and 4th year in Highschool. There are not so much food stall and kiosks upon exiting this campus. But, if you don't want to cross the street to buy food from the food stalls that's near on the other campus, I have a suggestion. Why not buy barbecue?

1. Aling Marissa's Barbecue

Who doesn't eat barbecue? I am a fan of beef, but not pork. But barbecue? I can eat this everyday. It is a small barbecue stand beside the school, facing the church. That's why after hearing mass on the evening, many people buy barbecue from this stall.

They have the usual pork barbecue, tenga, isaw, betamax, and bulaklak.

All freshly grilled and ready to be eaten by hungry customers. Upon picking, you can put back your order on the grill if you want to reheat it.

They also have jumbo hotdogs and beside that is the vinegars. You can opt for the plain or choose the spicy version. In order to prevent the uncooked meats from dirt and pollution, it is covered by newspapers.

You can choose to eat it on the spot or have it put in a plastic bag if you want to take it home and eat it there, with rice! haha.

Manong grilling some pork barbecues. I am currently reheating my orders when I took this photo.

My favorite! Pork barbecue and bulaklak. Properly prepared and cooked. Cheap thrills indeed right? You don't really have to spend a lot in order to get a decent food. 

*If you're wondering why Anak ng Tapa is not included in this post, it's because I will make a separate post for it.

Again, stay tuned for the 3rd part of my where to eat in Obando post. I'm sure you're already thinking of planning your trip to Obando.

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