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Hi there! It's been a long time since I last blogged and posted some reviews here. I became busy with baking and of course, by being a full time mom which can be very tiring but very rewarding. I know that most first time moms can be so exaggerated and OC when it comes to their baby's skincare products. I can relate because I am an OC mom. So since I am now a full pledged mom, I believe that it is my responsibility to provide you a review of some of my tried and tested products from Nivea Baby. I hope that this post will be able to help not just the first time moms but also the mommies out there who are really trying their best to provide their children with only the best products for their skin.

These are currently the Nivea Baby products that I have. I bought these when I was on my 6th month of pregnancy. Yes I know that there are more brands available in the market, but I strongly believe that Nivea is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to skincare. They are famous and well known for their amazing lotions which I totally love! 

The first product is the Gentle Head-to-Toe Wash. Ever since my daughter Cara was born, this is what she used. I used this on her for 12 months. And it didn't fail me. 

As you can see, you are provided with information when you look at the back of the product. The informations were very useful and helpful.

What I first look for on a baby product is if it is safe to use on my baby's delicate skin. As you can see, it says that it "mildly cleanses baby's hair and skin" and from that, one can tell that it is really safe to use and it does not provide harm on baby's skin.

I like the packaging because the product doesn't spill out. 

Things to Love: 
1.Cara's skin became smooth and it became less irritable, which means that her scratching was lessened. 
2. A little product goes a long way. 1 bottle usually lasts a month. But it also depends on how many times your child takes a bath per day. 
3. Reasonably priced at 119-129PHP. Prices may vary depending on the store. I always buy from The Landmark Supermarket in Trinoma. It is much cheaper there.
4. Mild and has no tears formula.
5. Can be used as shampoo and soap which means that you can save time and energy. 

Things to be Improved:
1. When I first used this product on Cara, I was a bit turned off by the smell. But I got used to the smell anway. I think that it should have a little bit of fragrance so that it will be more enticing to use.
2. Although I love the design, I think that it is too big, I hope they can provide a smaller or slimmer packaging for the product. 

The Second Product is the Gentle Nourishing Lotion. 

After every bath, I make sure that I put on lotion on Cara's body to make it smoother. I believe that we should always moisturize and spoil our skin so that it will not become dry. And since our baby's skin is delicate, they also need a mild lotion. Put on lotion on your baby's hands, feet, legs, and shoulders and gently massage it. Make sure that the product is evenly distributed. Let it dry for a few minutes so that it can be absorbed by the skin. 

Things to Love:
1. Not only does it moisturize the skin, it also nourishes your baby's delicate skin. It's a good thing because it will make the skin look healthy and glowing.
2. It provides protection against irritation.
3. Gentle and mild on the skin.
4. Has a nice smell that babies and mommies will love!

Things to Improve:
1. It doesn't dry off easily. 
2. A bit heavy on the skin which means that it can be too "sticky". So best if you let it settle or dry off in a few minutes.

Now let's move on to our third product, the Extra Mild Shampoo. I know that they offer 2 kinds of shampoo, but I chose the milder one. I don't want to cause irritation on Cara's eyes if I accidentally put some  product near it. This product should only be used on the hair. As it clearly states "shampoo". I used this on my daughter when she turned 1 last April.

Things to Love:
1. A little product goes a long way. Just one drop, add a little bit of water, and gently massage it on your baby's hair and scalp. 
2. Safe to use because it doesn't cause irritation on my baby's eyes.
3. Mild.
4. Inexpensive for a good shampoo.
5. Makes baby's hair tangle free.

Things to Improve:
1. I think the smell of the product can be improved but I think that it depends on the person that's using it for their children. I like good smelling products because it makes me more excited to use it on my baby. 

Now we move on to the Lovingly Caring Oil. Does your baby have tummy ache? Well I'm confident to say that this product can be used for tummy aches if it is not severe and if your baby does not like to drink medicine. Whenever Cara has tummy ache due to constipation, I put on a little oil on her tummy and I gently massage it on a circular motion. It provides warmth on her tummy and after a few minutes, she'll be able to doze off to sleep because somehow, it soothed her and it helped her relax. Sometimes, I also put on a little oil if she has to take bath at a very early hour, like 6-7am if she has school. It will warm her body and it can also protect her from getting cough or flu due to cold water. Specially if your child likes swimming. Before you let her swim on the pool, make sure to put on oil to protect her from the cold air and water.

Things to Love:
1. Effective on tummy aches.
2. Warms the body and soothes it.
3. Can be used as protection from cold air and water because it provides warmth.
4. A little product goes a long way.
5. Smells good and does not cause irritation.

Things to Improve:
1. None

Now let's talk about the Soothing Avena Soap.

I like this soap a lot because it is not only soothing and mild, but it nourishes my baby's skin.

Simple packaging but very cute design.

I love the carving on the soap.

Things to Love:
1. Soothes the skin and cleans it throughout.
2. Safe and mild to use.

Things to Improve:
1. The smell.
2. I just noticed that it makes the skin a little bit dry? I'm not sure but when Cara used this soap, she went back to scratching. I guess her skin is sensitive. 

Now for the final product, nivea's Calming Powder.

Powders are used on baby's skin so that they will be protected and so that they can still feel fresh even if they played all day. After bathing and before going to sleep, I dab on a little bit of powder on Cara's skin so that she'll feel fresh. 

At the back of the product, you can see that Nivea has provided information on how to use it and how does it work. It does not only inform the consumers but it also serves as a guideline.

I love the packaging because it's neat and it is slim. Not too bulky and it doesn't eat up that much space when place in a diaper bag.

Things to Love:
1. Lightweight, doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
2. Safe to use because it is mild and gentle.
3. No irritable. Actually it is effective to use against diaper rashes.
4. It calms and soothes the skin leaving baby's skin feeling relaxed and fresh.
5. Has great smell.

Things to Improve:
1. None.

So that's it for my nivea products review. I look forward in trying other Nivea Baby products in the future. I have yet to try their wipes, other lotions and shampoos. Aside from being affordable, you get what you pay for with their products. You can definitely trust them with your baby's skin needs. Till next post!


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